Saturday, September 11, 2010

Music: SomaFM

SomaFM commercial free internet radio

SomaFM is a listener supported, commercial free streaming internet music station. They started in some guy's basement in San Francisco as a micro radio station. In 2000 they switched to an internet only medium.

I listen to their content every day. If you like ambient/IDM music you should give them a try. And hey, if you like it enough and have some money to throw around, give them a few bucks. They are completely supported by their listeners to remain commercial free. My favorite stream on their site is "Space Station Soma". It's a mixture of ambient and mid-tempo electronica, perfect music for just chilling.


  1. I've been listening to soma for years... love it!

  2. Its great if you ask me :)

    nice post bro..

  3. Cool story, bro! Following and supporting!

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