Friday, October 8, 2010

Man Takes "Street Valium" and is cheesing.

Probably the only guy to be happy that he's in the hospital.

A short post before the weekend!

Soon, the weekend will be coming up and I will not have to work my ass off for the man. As a side effect I will actually be able to post something longer than a paragraph. Before we start that however I would just like to point out that Seanbaby sucks. He tries too hard, and he picks easy targets to criticize. Uwe Boll pretty much makes fun of himself, and if you are going to make fun of hipsters try not to act like one yourself. Yes, Seanbaby is a fucking hipster. That faggoty blue/pink hair bullshit isn't fooling anyone. Also, anyone can edit a copyright friendly 60-70 year old comic book. That time period thought that cigarettes were harmless, and radiation would give you super powers. Easy targets.

So not totally a hipster.

TL;DR, Seanbaby tries too hard and is a pink haired homosexual.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Music Video: The Drill - The Drill

Kind of old, but I love this music video. The dancing horse is hilarious and kind of creepy.

De-Creative Writing: I Have A Strong Distaste For Black Primates

Behold the Gorilla; A creature of mischief, violence, and sodomy.
They have black skin, and dark hair. At night you can only see the whites of their eyes and that hideous, toothy grin. The beast could be stealing the bike out of your shed right at this very moment and you would not realize it until it's too late. It could even decide to come into your house while you are sleeping and violate you, your wife, or even your children. God help you if you are unlucky enough to have one move into your neighborhood.

Yes, they can even steal a house. I know this because several have stolen houses in my area. They only know how to take something they have not worked for. That lawnmower you just bought? It will vanish my friend, and it will be sold for crack money. They may be animals, but somehow they have learned these things. They have tasted the sweet taste of crack and they crave it above all else.

Fuck Bears. Bears are cuddly stuffed children toys compared to this menace. They have evolved the capability to blend into their surroundings, and disguise themselves as Humans. If you ever are confronted by one... Don't panic, for they have one weakness... Water. They cannot swim. This biological impairment can be used as an advantage to the non-ape. Calmly seek refuge in a pool, pond, or just some large body of water. The beast will soon lose interest and will find another non-ape to harass.

These are dark times. Be prepared and understand the problem.

May the great Cthulu protect you and your family.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Vidya Games: Dead Rising 2

It's been a long time since I last posted and I will tell you why. For the past week or so I have been playing the leaked copy of Dead Rising 2. Now I know piracy is bad for companies and all, but these days it seems game companies are releasing complete shit. So before I waste $60 or so on a game I like to try it out. Today is DR2's official release date for North America but thanks to the internet I was able to play it about a week prior to today.

This game has surpassed all of my expectations from the beginning. In fact it has renewed my interest in the tired and over saturated zombie survival genre in video games. You can combine almost anything in game to make a weapon and you can even use stuff like trashcans and even park benches from the environment as a weapon if you are in a rough spot.

It's also a surprisingly challenging game. The psychopath battles are pretty brutal, while later in the game the zombies become an insane menace to deal with. While the story is not incredibly deep or amazing the timed objective and rescue missions add a refreshing touch to the game play while giving a sense of urgency to the player for completing them on time.

As with DR1 you can level up your character by earning points by killing zombies, completing missions and such. Unlike DR1 however, you can combine certain objects in game to make some amazing and hilarious weapons. The "Power Guitar" for instance is an electric guitar combined with an amplifier, when you use it the character begins riffing on it causing nearby zombie's heads to explode. Also, the unlockable items and multiple endings add a lot to the replay value of the game.

Pictured: Pure Awesome
I will be buying this game so I can play co-op mode, and I feel Capcom deserves my money for this amazing game. Right now Steam has it for $39.99 USD, which in my opinion is a steal. This game is worth much more compared to the complete shit on the market right now. So, if you like a zombie survival game that's challenging and fun I really recommend purchasing this game!