Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Anibomination: Operation: TURBO-COCK

I present to you all my own comic. It's genre shall be unique and will be called an "Anibomination". It will make nearly no sense, and it's construction will appear middle school level in quality. But it will be hilarious.Without any further ado I present "Operation: TURBO-COCK" Episode ONE!!!!

How To Not Make A Web Comic

This is the result of 15 minutes in Paint.NET. Give it a try, take out all the text in web comics and you have 4 frames of men awkwardly staring at each other. The writing is kinda funny, but to be honest why do they even bother making it into a web comic. You could make it into a small vignette and it would appear less pretentious.

Korean KFC Commercial

I'm fucking speechless.

If this aired in the USA, heads would be rolling. The NAACP's collective balls would be emptying out into their pants from the excitement.

Blogger's Note

I have come to the conclusion that I don't post enough original content. You know why? It's fucking HARD! I love writing, but coming up with original material is difficult. It's even harder to come up with content people will actually like.

The format I originally had planned for my blog was to have about three posts a day, mostly with content I found on the interwebs that I wanted to share, with at least one post a day with something that I actually made. Usually my opinion on something, or a life experience.

Since inception of my blog, and this format, I have found myself deviating from that. So, from here on I will try to put additional effort to adhere to the original idea I had.