Monday, September 13, 2010

YouTube Comedy: Judge Judy In Half Speed

This is pretty funny. As obviously made clear by the title, it's a video clip from the show Judge Judy in half speed. While watching it, take your mind to the wonderful land of imagination and pretend the entire cast is completely baked out of their skulls.

Smoke some weed before watching  to experience in quarter speed.

Healthy Living: Healthy Pancake Mix

You know... In case you ain't got none... Bitch!

Why buy ready made pancake mix for probably 1/3rd the cost, when you can get ripped off by the "Organic" food industry?

Animooted TV: Xavier Renegade Angel

Xavier Renegade Angel was a 3D cartoon made by PFFFR. The same folks responsible for Wonder Showzen. It's about the nonsensical journeys of some kind of hippy-snake-cat-bird hybrid. It was animated in dated 3D graphics at the time, adding to the hilarity. The show only had 2 seasons, with its last episode airing on April 16th 2009. Below is episode 1 "What Life D-D-Doth" which originally aired November 4th of 07'. The episodes were only around 11 minutes long, like Aqua Teen Hunger Force so it's over pretty quickly. Enjoy!

My Morning Coffee

Maybe it's because I got 2 1/2 hours of sleep, but until I get my morning cup of Joe I feel like the Tourettes Guy. I'm actually a pretty nice guy normally. Right now my eyes feel like some prostitutes nasty, hairy vag was being rubbed on my eyeballs in my sleep. Feels bad, man.


What's your favorite Tourettes Guy moment?