Friday, September 17, 2010

The Protomen: The Will Of One Music Video

If you love Megaman, you should give this themed music group a listen. It's by the band "The Protomen" and they are a American musical group that had their first live performance in 2004. Enjoy!

APB: All Points Bulletin - The Game Is Officially Dead...

Well folks, the game APB finally died. Time of death was 3:30 AM EST on September the 17th in the year of 2010. To everyone who said "You don't know what you're talking about!" when I said the game had about a month to live (about a month ago on the forums)... I fucking told you so! It didn't take a genius to figure this shit out.

I feel sad however, because in the last few hours of the game I made some new friends that I will probably not see again. We were playing some pretty kick ass missions against some bullshit aimbotters. We probably took about 8 missions or so and about 6 of them were against obvious botters. We lost some missions, but in the end we went out playing with our honor intact.

This game was destroyed because of RTW's poor business decisions. Nothing more. People like to place blame on the botters themselves or even the doom-sayers on the forums, but really everything could have been fixed by the creators. One thing that really shows their incompetence as a company however is on the main site (which as of writing this went down along with the game servers). In the news section, one day before they announced they were shutting everything down, they mentioned that the latest patch was released and was available for everyone to download. I really don't get that. Oh well.

Not all hope is lost however. There is a group of individuals who have already started developing a private server. At Action District, they have the launcher available and you can even log in, but as of right now they do not have the actual game servers completed and up and running. I'm betting dedicated gamers will do a better job of running this game than the actual company who made it. Hopefully they can get this done quicker than SWGEmu. It took that group about 3-4 years to complete everything but thats a whole other story.

The lesson we can all take from this post-mortem: RTW clearly had no clue what the fuck they were doing as a company, and no one should ever buy anything from them ever again.