Friday, October 8, 2010

A short post before the weekend!

Soon, the weekend will be coming up and I will not have to work my ass off for the man. As a side effect I will actually be able to post something longer than a paragraph. Before we start that however I would just like to point out that Seanbaby sucks. He tries too hard, and he picks easy targets to criticize. Uwe Boll pretty much makes fun of himself, and if you are going to make fun of hipsters try not to act like one yourself. Yes, Seanbaby is a fucking hipster. That faggoty blue/pink hair bullshit isn't fooling anyone. Also, anyone can edit a copyright friendly 60-70 year old comic book. That time period thought that cigarettes were harmless, and radiation would give you super powers. Easy targets.

So not totally a hipster.

TL;DR, Seanbaby tries too hard and is a pink haired homosexual.