Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mental Health: Koro: The Incredible (Imaginary) Shrinking Penis

Koro is a disorder where the patient is taken with the belief that his genitals are shrinking, fearing his member will disappear. Koro is a culture-specific syndrome, meaning that it's only recognized within a specific culture, obviously. Koro is rooted in China, although some isolated cases have occurred worldwide.

"I was in the pool! I WAS IN THE POOL!"
The patient can suffer from episodes usually lasting several hours. Even if a doctor examines the patient and measures no change whatsoever in the penis of the individual, the patient can still believe, hysterically that their penis is shrinking away to nothing. The only treatment western medicine can apply is to give the patient a lesson in human anatomy and assure them that their penis is fine.

"Dude, your dick is fine... No Homo."
However in China the traditional treatment is to pray to the gods and ask Taoist priests to exercise the demons out of their crotch. During this, they hit gongs or beat the person to drive the demons out and they are given a concoction of herbs, and ground up animal dick. Yummy.

Would you let this guy near your penis?